hardworking, rich, successful and brilliant people

Why The Less Brilliant People Are More Successful

hardworking, rich, successful and brilliant  people

I am about to take your mind on a rollercoaster of doubts. Even I find it odd that I will be arguing against brilliant people being less successful. Continue reading, let’s see if I can convince you.

Note: This is just my opinion and doesn’t depict any research proven facts.


“I shouldn’t be this broke because of the things I know.”

This was the statement that sparked a brutally honest conversation with a friend. We had been talking about life and how we should be doing better than we currently are. My transition from a pharmacology graduate into entrepreneurship hasn’t been as smooth as I thought it’d be. My friend and I finally came to the conclusion that:

• Some people are like Wikipedia and seem to have a piece of knowledge about everything. This set of people rarely get things done.

• Some people don’t really know much so they put in the extra yard. These people get things done.

My friend added that the really talented ones are most times either broke or most times lower-tier employees while the less brilliant/talented ones keep flying high. This is because talent they say is never enough.

He added that talent births pride and pride births laziness or contentment because when others are putting in the extra yard you relax because you believe it’ll come easy to you. Spending less time on a task makes you feel proud and superior but because it comes easy doesn’t make you a master at it.

A less brilliant individual is more insecure about his abilities so he keeps working on them. It is very difficult for a less talented individual to be content with their ability. That insecurity is sometimes a blessing.

In fact, I believe his assessment and it makes much sense. Malcolm Gladwell in his best selling book, “Outliers” frequently spoke about the 10,000-Hour Rule, that is, only by reaching 10,000 hours of practice can one truly achieve expertise in a field. This rule is based on a research by Anders Ericsson.

Of course, this is subject to the quality of practice, genetics, environment and a few other factors. But you get my point.

So imagine that a less talented individual put in more time practising, with time he’ll eventually move towards mastering that skill. While it is possible that the more talented individual will never attain that level of mastery just because he was too talented to put in the extra work.

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My friend joked that this is why some Nigerian students struggle academically in Nigeria and magically become brilliant when they move abroad. He explained that spending so many hours reading to get manageable grades and later becoming exposed to a better quality of education abroad gives them an advantage.

How does talent affect how rich you are or how successful you will be? Well, the answer is all around us. The answer is on the Forbes list, it’s in the net worth, it’s in the top managerial positions, it’s in the employees and more. Might I add that the answer is also in your bank account? Lol.

Christiano Ronaldo recently suggested in an interview that everyone wants to be like him but not many people can make the sacrifices he makes. To football fans, C. Ronaldo is an epitome of hard work. He is, in fact, a stark contrast to the Brazilian legend Ronaldo De Lima. Although he had a very successful career, the feeling among football supporters is that he would have been more successful given his outrageous talent.

Sadio Mane, a Liverpool FC footballer, also said he has never been to a club or party. Neither has he ever played Play Station 4 or any other game. All he does is practice, practice and more practice.

According to an article on goal he said, “I have never been to a party myself. It never went through my head. If I do not give everything I have to be a good player, I’ll never make it.”

This isn’t sincerely always the case as there are times when individuals can both be brilliant, hardworking and successful or less talented, not hardworking won’t successful. But the truth that stares us in the eyes in our society is that the brilliant ones are more relaxed about what life has planned for them. The less brilliant ones worry and as a result groom themselves to become go-getters.

So when I said I‘m too talented to be as broke as I am, I was right but it is almost inevitable. However, the remedy to my plight is in my attitude.

I Challenge You To Be Less Brilliant And Work Harder.

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Tuoyo’s birthday Party is about A sexy Lagos big boy that lives a fake like throws a birthday party

Tuoyo’s Birthday Party

Tuoyo’s birthday Party is about A sexy Lagos big boy that lives a fake like throws a birthday party

Tuoyo’s Birthday Party

My friend celebrates his birthday elaborately every year. This year was going to be no different. Tuoyo was a very extravagant guy. Although he had a little bit of the popular Lagos fakeness. An Ibadan guy like me know my limit and when not to impress.

Anyways, it seems Tuoyo has been experiencing some cash problems. We, his friends suspected but nobody was as fluid as Tuoyo. He still kept up appearances.

Tuoyo’s birthday was fast approaching and he still hadn’t made plans. I called him to ask if there would be one and he said he’d been meaning to call me. He said some fraudsters tried hacking his account so the bank froze his account for security reasons. Knowing Tuoyo had multiple bank accounts, I asked about the others, he said it was his BVN that got blocked.

Ike called a few days later to inform me that Tuoyo’s birthday was holding as planned. He said Tuoyo was able to raise cash from loan payment apps like PayLater and QuickCheck. He even used Access Bank’s payday loan. We his friends were to help with logistics for the ladies and booze.

Tuoyo’s birthday was living up to expectation once again. Different Lagos big boys and girls were here with their expensive cars. Just the perfect place for me to network. Yes I go to Tuoyo’s birthday parties to network.

At the peak of the party, his landlord barged in shouting “Where is that useless boy? Come and pay me your rent o. You no get money but you dey throw party disturb the whole neighborhood bah?” The landlord also said Tuoyo lost his big boy status after Madam G stopped bankrolling him and seized her car.

Apparently Madam G had caught him sleeping with her friend who unfortunately was also being bankrolled by Mama G.

I am very interested in this Mama G, I might have a few business ideas for her.

A sexy lady in a short skirt

One Night Stand – Short Story Literature

A sexy lady in a short skirt

One Night Stand – LamLam inkings

The moment he came in she knew. She knew he was the one but she was afraid their love affair wouldn’t last long. They never did. She had a type and they were not the type to stick around. But she didn’t mind. She only lived for the adrenaline, the rush.

She thanked her stars she’d dressed impressively tonight. Wearing a classic velvet gown, she knew she was a catch. Her confidence was almost vain.

She decided she wouldn’t wait this time. She’d shoot her shot instead. This dark handsome hunk was going home with her tonight. She felt herself get wet just at the thought of that.

She approached him with a smile and everything went as planned.

Once at her apartment, she started kissing him and led him into her bedroom. She pushed him on the bed and started dry humping him.

The stranger whispered in lust, “oh you’re a freak aren’t you?” She simply smiled and proceeded to undress him. She gasped upon seeing that his member was as huge as he was. A wicked grin planted on her face. This should be fun she thought.

She stroked him a few times and rode him to ecstasy.

David closed his eyes in ecstasy and she knew that was her moment. In two clean swoop, she raised a pillow, brought out a knife and slashed his throat.

She got off him and called her sister. “Hello Rebecca, Dave is dead. I have one more rapist to kill. They will all pay for the things they did to you.”

She hung up.

A child crying after being raped

Down the Slippery Road – Literature


A child crying after being raped

Down the Slippery Road

‘Pipi!’ the school bus blasted its horn so many times. After a while, a dark lady poked her head through the door, drew out all her form out from behind it and wobbled towards the long white bus with ‘Blue Sand’ boldly inscribed on both sides. Some kids jumped around out of excitement; few who sat stared into space; while older students bent over their assignment.
“Taiwo,” a teacher called to the little girl who sat absentmindedly, looking out through the glass window. Her face was drawn to the activities outside the bus. it was drizzling a bit. She dragged her face from the window and looked up at the teacher through two deep black sharp eyes. Her long dark face was simply beautiful: the evening sunrays cast a glossy shadow on her eyes which looked somewhat pale.
“Miss Elizabeth is here,” her teacher said. Her long face fell even longer and few lines of worry ran through her forehead. Her teacher frowned; she has noticed this sense of withdrawal for the past one month and Taiwo was no longer eager to get home unlike before: she would pack her things and sit by her till the school bus came. These days, she takes her time to do everything and the mere mention of home brought same lines of worry on her forehead. In the school bus, she would always want to be alone no matter how her friends called her to play. Miss Elizabeth watched the ever lively girl grow to a hostile and quiet student, often sitting alone on the playground or sleeping on her food at meal time.
Taiwo climbed off the chair, and put her two little feet on the floor, dragging her lunch park on the floor, she made her way through the walk-way of the bus amidst the noise and friends who screamed her name. She paid them little or no attention but dragged her feet the more.
“Taiwo,” her teacher’s voice came again; Miss Precious walked towards her pupil and placed the back of her palm on her forehead. She squatted and said:
“Taiwo, look at me,” but the little girl put her face to the floor. She tried to hold her hand but she moved back. Miss Precious didn’t like what she saw. Taiwo turned and continued towards the door and Mrs. Precious followed. When Taiwo got to the door, Miss Elizabeth said:
“My Sugar,” her caretaker made to take her lunch pack and Taiwo nearly froze in shock, the young woman insisted; she took the lunch pack, lifted Taiwo unto her arm and turned towards the house. Miss Precious watched everything closely; she didn’t like what she saw; she put a foot to the ground but a voice called after her:
“Madam, we no fit wait for you. You know say we waste so so time for them to komot pick their child. I be dey go back to Ikorodu tonight….”
The driver kept on lamenting. His words got to her and she stepped back while the bus slowly moved away with Miss Precious looking on as their form disappeared behind the door.
“Uncle Reuben!”
Taiwo screamed at the top of her voice. Elizabeth had set her down in the kitchen and she heard his voice all the way from the sitting room. She ran from the kitchen to the voice, not minding that her parents were home. Uncle Reuben gave a wide smile, opened his arms wide and Taiwo ran and gave him a tight hug. He planted a kiss on her forehead while she climbed on top his laps, swinging her chubby legs this way and that.
“I have missed my pretty little princess.”
Uncle Reuben exclaimed while turning to her mum and dad. As he said so, he stretched his arm and came out with a black lady doll in a transparent pack.
“Thank you so much!”
Taiwo jumped out of excitement. Her parents smiled from cheek to cheek. Miss Elizabeth walked into the room, and immediately, it was as though a dark cloud descended in the room. She came and in the process of taking Taiwo, she refused and held on to her uncle’s jacket until her mother cautioned her:
“Now Taiwo, go and take your bath unless I might just have to take that doll away.”
Taiwo let go and allowed Elizabeth take her away.
After some few minutes, a cool calm voice said:
“Don’t worry, I will tuck her in.”
Taiwo’s mother had come to stand in the doorway while Miss. Elizabeth helped her with her nightwear.
“Yes, ma.”
Miss Elizabeth said. She got up and went to the bathroom.
She screamed and came forward to hug her mother. Mrs. Kola knelt before her five years old, looked her up and down, and helped her with the last part of her cloths. She watched her daughter closely while she climbed all over her, inviting her to play. Mrs. Kola gathered her daughter in a warm hug and said:
“You know mummy and daddy love you above any other thing, right?”
She asked. Taiwo nodded as her mother planted a kiss on her forehead.
“Now, it is time for little princess to go to bed.”
Taiwo was too excited about so many things: Uncle Reuben, her mother tucking her to sleep and that night, she would be sleeping with Kemi, the new doll her uncle got her. She quickly jumped on her bed and went right under the blanket. Her mother walked slowly to her bedside and smoothed out the blankets. At that moment, the bathroom door opened and Miss Elizabeth stepped out of it with her head to the floor. Taiwo froze and her face turned pale. Mrs Kola didn’t fail to notice the look on her daughter’s face.
‘Miss Elizabeth.”
“Yes, Ma.”
She answered while stooping, showing sign of respect.
“You go take off tomorrow to visit your people for village. I go send for you.”
Mrs. Kola said slowly. Mrs Elizabeth straightened her back but didn’t dare to look her Madam in the eye.
“Yes, ma.”
She answered and quickly made her way to the door. Immediately she left, Mrs. Kola walked close and gathered her daughter in a warm embrace.
The noise stirred her from sleep: one of the traits she inherited from her mother was that she was not a deep sleeper. She opened her eyes and found out that her room has been thrown into thick darkness. She remembered her mother tucked her in the previous day, and she must have switched off the light. Elizabeth knew she was afraid of the dark and seldom left the bathroom door light on and the door partly open to find her around the room at night. Taiwo shut her eyes so tight that it hurt. The light in the passageway slowly went off. The footpads came again, this time around; it stopped right in front of her door. After some seconds, it slightly opened, but she couldn’t see the person that opened it. She only felt a form and footpads walking towards her. Cold shiver ran down her back and she started sweating, feeling as though she was suffocating in the room. Her breath came and went in a flash fast commotion. All of a sudden, she felt someone beside her bedside; she smelt him already when she climbed unto his laps in the afternoon. She was confused.
“Uncle Rueben?”
Taiwo called, not knowing what to do.
The voice indicated that she should keep quiet. She drew Kemi close to her. She heard the clinging of iron and the slow movement of a zipper; the noise filled her head and she tightened her arm around Kemi’s neck that it hurt. All of a sudden, she felt fingers slowly crawling on her legs and found their way beneath her princess night-gown. Her purple princess pant slowly crawled down with the fingers and a hand moved her legs wide open to the end of her bed. Suddenly, her bed creaked and quaked as his perfume filled her senses while a heavy form, as heavy as a rock settled on her. Taiwo felt breathless.
“Uncle Reuben.”
She called to him again in a voice of innocence.
He called her to silence. It was as though her breath was cutting because his weight was too heavy on her. She felt as though she was being buried into the mattress due to the weight on top of her. Uncle Reuben spread her legs even further that her bones hurt.
Taiwo started crying; she was now afraid. She was afraid of so many things: the dark, her uncle, and felt as though she was dying. She felt herself wet and knew she was actually urinating on herself because she was too scared.
“Stupid girl.”
She heard Uncle say and hissed. Taiwo felt something as hard as a stick rubbing against her leg, thigh and then inside her middle. She remembers her mother calling it Vagina, telling her that nobody must touch her there because it was hers and hers alone. Her head felt light even as Uncle continued. But Elizabeth used to do the same thing to her but Uncle’s own seems harder.
“Uncle…..please….it is paining me.”
Taiwo whispered as she pleaded over and over again.
“Shut up.”
Her uncle’s voice came in a rasp whisper. Taiwo felt something slippery slowly trickling down her laps and legs. Her tears came even more. He spread her legs further and she felt as though a big stick was being pushed into her woman-thing, Elizabeth often called it each time they were alone. Her tears were flowing and her voice was pleading. A hand came and cupped her mouth, nearly cutting air from her lungs.
Immediately, she felt her uncle move back and as he came forward, the door burst open and the lights came on shinning brighter than she has ever known them.
“Egba mi o! Kayode! She is only a child!”
In far off, as her vision went blurry, she could still hear voices around her: her mother’s voice was louder, wailing and calling Uncle’s name.

5 things that will ruin your relationship

These Five Things Will Ruin Your Relationship – Lifestyle

5 things that will ruin your relationship

These Five Things Will Ruin Your Relationship

It’s been a while I wrote anything on this blog and I blame it on a couple of amazing writers that help out here. They have truly been amazing and I am undeserving. Click here and here to see for yourself.

Anyways, a couple of week ago, I suffered from what I call a mid-life relationship crisis. I thought about creating a blog post back then so you guys can also weigh in your opinions but I feared I might be sentimental and biased in my writing. This latest love episode in my life motivated me to write and share this post about the things that ‘will ruin your relationship’. If you let them.

Relationships can be the most exciting and annoying aspects of our lives. In fact, when it’s exciting you feel like you have everything figured out and even look down on single people. But you see, when it becomes annoying and the initial romantic fanfare slowly fades away like the evening sun, you immediately miss being single.

Failing relationships are no fun really and not everyone can handle the pressure that comes with fighting for love. I will keep saying it that most celebrity marriages fail because of excitement. I mean these are people who live for spontaneity.

Most celebrity marriages fail because of excitement. I mean these are people who live for spontaneity. - Fiezie92 Click To Tweet

Anyways back to relationships, failures and blah blah blah.

Ever wondered what destroys most relationships? Please read on.

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  • Unrealistic Expectations

Starting with this is strategic as it most times is the cause of most of the other things that ruin a relationship. Before you start dating someone, you have to ask yourself what you want and what you aim to achieve by going into it. This is mostly overlooked by everyone but it is extremely important.

For example, you have to know that you are responsible for your own happiness and if you date someone expecting them to fill that shoe then I’m sorry but the relationship will end in failure. Your partner should be a source of happiness for you but not the source.

Before you start dating someone, you have to ask yourself what you want and what you aim to achieve by going into it. - Fiezie92 Click To Tweet

Also, the world is fast-moving towards the direction of people faking a lot of things. I once had a friend who would use performance enhancers to mask the fact that he couldn’t have sex for more than a few minutes. Everything was fine until he started dating the lady full-time and couldn’t keep up with daily doses of sex enhancers.

Surely, we’ve also heard about people who pretend to be rich when they are really just surviving. The thing with creating a false sense of self is that you surely can’t keep up.

The thing with creating a false sense of self is that you surely can’t keep up. - Fiezie92 Click To Tweet

Do you believe unreliastic expectations can ruin a relationship?

  • Lying

Lying can easily be considered an extension of unrealistic expectations in many ways but let’s go into lying in relationships proper. And by that, I mean relationship and trust. To achieve any joint height or progress, the foundation must be built on trust.

People lie to avoid hurting someone they care about or to avoid the repercussions of their actions. While you might think this is all noble and you should be awarded a medal, the thing with lying is that it piles up and then it becomes too much.

Instead of lying, take a chance and tell the truth, no relationship is expected to be perfect anyways. Building a relationship on a foundation of lies is having no foundation at all.

Building a relationship on a foundation of lies is having no foundation at all. - fiezie92 Click To Tweet

Do you believe unreliastic expectations can ruin a relationship?

  • Infidelity

I’ve been dreading this factor because I’ve most recently been guilty of this. Let me just tell you what you most likely don’t want to hear;


Shouldn’t you make friends? Yes you should. But you have to constantly beware that infidelity knows no gate or landlord. It’s the truth! There is a belief that when you are always in constant communication with someone, you start to see them in another light and even believe feelings are involved. Sadly, most times mistakes would have been made before you become wise.


  • Playing The Blame Game

Sighs! Don’t we all just love being right?

But you have to let this behaviour go for the betterment of your relationship. Emotional maturity comes with knowing when you’re wrong and acknowledging it. It comes with understanding that everyone is responsible for his or her actions. Playing the blame game is also low-key an act of subtle unkindness because rather than share negativity as one; you are dumping it in your partner’s lap.

But you have to constantly beware that infidelity knows no gate or landlord. - fiezie92 Click To Tweet

Playing the blame game is one of the worst forms of disrespect in a relationship. And I’m happy to tell you that while it doesn’t quickly rear its head like the symptoms of some deadly diseases, it is one of the most silent killers of relationships.

Playing the blame game, only seeing things from your own perspective and always trying to be right are all very closely related siblings. Before you know it, you are trying to push each other’s buttons and throwing sly digs like Frisbee. You have to learn accountability.

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  • Clinging To Resentment

One of the biggest turn off in a lady for me is clinging to resentment. I have shown many love interests the exit door because I don’t have the energy to deal with this negative spirit. I mean, are we ever going to move past this? Come on. No one likes to see past mistakes or happenings shoved in their faces every time something comes up. You have to be able to forgive and move on.

If you’re lucky and successful in your relationship then you are potentially looking at a lifetime together. I wonder if anyone will like a partner bringing up past resentments every single time there is a misunderstanding or quarrel. I mean, if you can’t look past my yesterday then you have no business with my today or tomorrow.

You have to be able to let go for your own sanity and the general health of your relationship.

if you can’t look past my yesterday then you have no business with my today or tomorrow. - fiezie92 Click To Tweet

The truth is that there are many things that destroy relationships but I’m sticking with this 5 because they are mostly overlooked. Silly things like talking too loud or snoring can ruin your relationship so let’s not be fooled that you have to do anything excessively wrong for it to fail.

In fact, a study on Science Alert states that “there are certainly annoyances that can become dealbreakers in otherwise generally healthy relationships. And if your partner disrespects, hurts or abuses you, those are behaviors that shouldn’t be ignored and should rightly end your relationship.”

If you have other things that can ruin a relationship in mind, please let me know through the comment section.

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