Habits Are A Funny Lot

bad habits

Habits Are Hard To break

Habits are a funny lot
I had vowed to stop my bad habits 
Nay to drinking 
Nay to smoking 
Nay to womanizing 
Nay to my bad habits 
Those habits that have built a tabernacle in my subconscious
I stayed through to my words though
But habits are a funny lot
All it took was a very very off key week 
And me pushing the people I loved farther away from me 
Another habit I had vowed to stop
As I let one in
Every other one followed
I smoked, I drank, I womanized, sent drunk texts
I wake up and I am still having an off key week
Except now I have to deal with an off key hangover also
Habits are a very funny lot

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