Don’t Judge Me By The Sins of My Brothers

Don't judge me by the sins of my brothers stop islamophobia

Don’t Judge Me By The Sins of My Brothers


Ask me one topic I am never so eager to talk about, then I’ll give you a very straight and quick answer; RELIGION. It is a very complicated matter and most people never seem to be able to see beyond the politics in the whole issue. I won’t be making any controversial arguments or statements, hence you think me an unbeliever.

This poem was prompted by my conversation with a friend, it was more like an argument actually. It happened that he had gradually started growing into an Islamophobic individual which made me kind of sad because we used to be very close pals back in the University.

According to him, he has grown tired of all the killings and chaos by Islamic radical groups like Isis, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and the likes all over the world. Whilst I understood his argument and points perfectly, what I took an exception to was him categorizing all Muslims as non-peaceful and unloving people.

I as a Muslim, I’m also pained by the killings and torments done by this radical groups that claim to be following Islamic laws and I’m sure I speak for a lot of Muslims out there. It’s actually like you telling me that because my relatives are known for being notorious thieves and unlawful citizens, that automatically, I and my family must also be automatically classified as thieves and non law abiding citizens. It’s just not right.

That kind of mindset is wrong and unfair. This prompted me into writing this poem. I hope it goes someway into changing the mentality and mindset of the world towards Muslims. United we can make the world a better place and eradicate this pretenders.


Maybe I am stained by the dirt of my brothers
Maybe they were confused by the instructions of a guardian angel
Or they just had their own agendas
I will never know
I am my own person
They are theirs
Maybe I can change them with my peaceful ways
Perhaps they are blindfolded by a fabric of hate
And are possessed
By the roots of seeds planted by men of ill intentions
My brothers might be weak
They might be no goods
Heck some might be cruel
Yet I am my own person
Peaceful, easygoing and loving
It’s true you should judge a tree by its fruits
Hence you should judge me by their actions
But; My name is Habeeb
And I am not a terrorist
I refuse to be a Musloom
Because I am a MUSLIM

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Don't judge me by the sins of my brothers Say NO to terrorism, Say NO to extremism


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