In Honor of Lil Wayne ‘The Greatest Rapper Of All Time’

Today is Lil Wayne 's birthday so I'm dedicating a poem to him

Today is Lil Wayne’s birthday and since I can’t talk about rap or modern rap and trap music without mentioning Lil Wayne, I think it’s only fitting that I dedicate a poem to him 🙂. Thank you for all the rap lessons and witty punchlines. I really wish did not have to end his ‘A Year Of Lil Wayne’ segment., I’ll really miss it 😢.


🔹🔹Happy birthday Lil Wayne🔹🔹


Hey brother
sorry for the wait
I had finished dressing up
then I had to poop so I decided to rebathe (rebirth)
I have a lot to thank you for
so this is your dedication
You thought me there is no ceilings to my dreams
So I keep pushing till I can’t feel my face
Like you I’m an addict
I’m addicted to success
Thankfully, there’s no rehab for success
I’ve been through it all
The fails, the falls
I’m like Niagara
But I got right back up, like Viagra
Tha block is hot bro about 500 degreez
No not black lives matter and gang crimes kinda hot
But the hustle is real
I know this world is so cold and deceiving
But I keep my head up like my nose is bleeding
You’re great man
This epileptic fits gat nothing on your feats
They say you fell from grace
Past your prime like Optimus Prime
But legends don’t die
They live forever
So you stand tall like light poles
Like you I am not an human being
I believe I’m a  Martian
Serve me this rappers and I eat ’em for dinner
When I’m loosing myself I rebirth
Take a step back analyze and take a deep breath
I pray I enjoy success like Tha Carter series
But I pray no one hold down my dreams like Tha Carter 5
Before you judge me I plead guilty
I’m a die hard Lil Wayne fan
And this confidence he gave me
Is a stain you can’t wipe off
A million feelings
A thousand thoughts
A hundred memories
All for one person
It’s your birthday G.O.A.T
It’s weezy ‘f’ baby
And the ‘f’ ain’t for failure
Free Weezy, Let tha Carter V drop!


Lil Wayne


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