They Called Her Shameless Yet They Didn’t Know Her Story

They Called Her Shameless is about the journey of young girl through life, her dad and moms death set off this wonderful story. she was homeless, raped, trafficked into prostitution but ultimately she turned out victorious. Say no to child abuse, domestic violence and rape

They Called Her Shameless – This is the first story I am posting on here and I think it is actually longer than I envisioned but it’s for a better reading experience. I hope to get your honest feedback and suggestions. Enjoy 🙂


They Called Her Shameless


Phoebe was more beautiful than most girls her age. She was destined to grow up a head turner. Her dad used to tell her;
“You have the world at your feet my dear, so thread softly”.
When she was 7 years old, her dad was killed fighting for his country in a war that had nothing to do with his country. They called it PEACE KEEPING. After his death, the country neglected her family and her family members did the same. Only her mom was left to cater for their needs. Tragically, her mom died of mild malaria a few months after her Dad’s demise.
Phoebe and her siblings were taken in by their uncle, Mr Samson. The man who had earlier suggested to her parents to marry her off early. He suggested the beauty of a woman is nothing but temporary.
“They grow so fast yet age too quickly” he had said.
He always looked at her creepily whenever he came visiting when her parents were not at home. He’d insist she sat on his lap while she tells him about school.

Whilst living under his roof, he went on to rape her every night for the next 8 years and every time he’d curse her parents for not marrying her off at his request. He puts the blame of him raping her solely on them. Maybe if they’d married her off he wouldn’t still be sexually attracted to her because she was married.The first few times it happened Phoebe reported to her uncles wife, Aunt Felicia, who didn’t believe her. She beat and rained curses on her whilst accusing her of trying to destroy her family just like she and her witch siblings destroyed theirs. She promised to send her to meet her parents before she lets that happen. As punishment, Phoebe was withdrawn from school to start hawking. The uncle claimed he did not have enough money to sponsor them all to school.


Phoebe eventually ran away one early morning, leaving her siblings behind. She vowed to come to come back for them as soon as she got enough money saved up. For several weeks she slept wherever her eyes closed and she’d have her bath very early in the morning at any public water system she could find.Other times, the water would not run and she’d go for days without a bath. No one was ready to help a dirty looking kid they knew nothing about so she ate whatever she could scavenge, also she bought food from whatever she made collecting alms. She even grew adept at climbing mango and orange trees to pluck fruits. In her mind no greater evil could befall her than the evil her uncle and the world  had done to her.


A woman, Madame Kofo whom she had begged for money curiously asked her what a nice looking girl with a good spoken English was doing begging on the streets. After hearing her story, she felt sympathy for her and took her in. She said she had no kids of her own so she loved helping kids in need and she clothed her and cared for her.
Phoebe had her hope for life renewed. She was beginning to dream of the bright future her dad had always spoken about again. Unfortunately, Madame Kofo had other plans, she asked her to start paying for her hospitality as her house was not a charity home. She needed to start taking care of herself, after all, how would she go back for her siblings if she did not?


Madame Kofo convinced her into becoming what she called in her own words;
“The water to this men’s cup”
She said; “Men are always thirsty you know”.
Phoebe knew she was going to be men’s mistress for the night but she felt she had no other choice than to do it. She had to get her siblings away from that wicked man through whatever means possible. After all, her innocence was gone. Madam Kofo assured her that she would soon make enough money to go and be whoever she wanted to be whilst showing her pictures of some of her girls enjoying flashy lifestyles and taking private trips.
They called her a prostitute and victimized her (say no to child abuse and domestic violence)


Years later…

Finally, Phoebe could afford a lifestyle of her own. She could finally get whatever she wanted like her parents used to do for her when she was a kid. Her life changed for the better in her eyes albeit for the worse in actual sense.


She had brought her siblings to the city with little resistance from her uncle who was glad to see them leave. She empowered them with apprenticeship at their trade of choice and sent them to school. Whenever they asked her where she worked, She’d reply;
“I’m a business woman, something like a banker”.
If only they knew that men were banking on her to fulfill their sexual needs every night.
She later started her own supermarket, she would joke with her siblings that the supermarket was her retirement plan. she planned to retire soon, as all these over work is stressing big sister.


At times she’d brag to her siblings;
“Never you worry about school fees, I have enough saved up to pay your way through university. You all know how the supermarket run now, if anything ever did happen to me like our parents I’ve got you set up for life. Always remember that I love you guys very much because you’re all I have in this world. Life won’t always be a bed of roses you know that by now but make sure you never forget your dreams. No matter what happens never lose sight of it.”
They’d cry while hugging her telling her not to talk like that as nothing could ever happen to her because they always pray for her. If only they knew she was in constant pain. A pain that went deeper than the physical. She knew they were right on one thing though, she needed all the prayer and repentance in this world.


One day, she went on what she had told Madam Kofo would be her last outing as she felt she had achieved everything she had initially set out to achieve. But she never returned home from her night banking and no one heard anything from her. The newspaper headlines two days later read;


An ID card found in the deceased purse identified her as Phoebe Obi.
The society reading the news finally found another topic to chew on after they’d gotten tired of clamoring over the disappearance of the President on medical leave for 100 days. This was fresh news and they chewed it well.
“She deserved it! After all she’s a prostitute. Very shameless people!!
What did she expect? Serves her right!”
“All this young girls will just be wasting their lives because of petty cash! Chineke!!”
“Aaaaahhhh!! So that nice girl is a prostitute, we should have suspected. How can such a young girl afford such a lifestyle!”
“Oma shey ooo. What a pity? Another soul lost because of the lust for money”
Hold on!
Another headline came out some days later;


Police investigation later found out that there were two ID cards in the purse. The deceased was actually a Janet Afolabi. Phoebe was supposed to go for the outing that night but she became sick that evening. One of the other girls had to go in her place. She had carried Phoebes purse that day because it matched her dress hence why her ID card was found in it.
Phoebe is now a motivational speaker who preaches the gospel with her experience. She’s also an active human rights activist who fights against child abuse and rape. They called her Shameless but she was only a survivor.
Please say no to child abuse, rape, domestic violence and any type of abuse. Speak out!
say no to domestic violence, say no to child abuse and human trafficking, say no to rape


But wait! Let me rant biko,
Please is the society not mad?
Do they know of her dead dreams, the dreams that died along with the innocence of her eyes?
Her heartache, Her pain?
Her struggle to invent and reinvent herself as she struggled through life?
What happened to raining curses on the perpetrators of the criminal acts
And creating an awareness making sure people are more aware of this things?

Please let me rant o, biko!!

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