Angry Nigerian Wishes Her Happy Independence Day

An angry Nigerian - Today is my country's (Nigeria) Independence Day but I'm not happy with her so I wrote a poem for her. Happy Independence Day Nigerians, let's hope today marks the beginning of unity, peace, reduced corruption, terrorism and agitations

An Angry Nigerian Wishes Her Happy Independence Day


This is a poetic letter from an angry Nigerian to his home country.

Today is my country’s Independence Day and unlike so many people I have refused to see light or beauty in today so I wrote a poem that better describes my annoyance and grievances.

I love my country
She has so much potential
But sadly she has elements working against her
Meaning she has either never realized her potential
Or she has just refused to grow
Luckily, unlike humans
Who grow older and wane
As a country gets older
she has the potential to grow stronger and better
So I guess there’s hope still
But hope is a tricky affair
My fear is if with all this vast resources
And wealth we still haven’t grown
How will we cope
when the law of diminishing returns takes it turn
Because presently my country is like a sick woman
Who dresses well, uses make up and lives extravagantly
But really she is dying on the inside
You see it’s all just a farce
A circus show really
She thinks she’s fooling everyone
But she’s a laughing stock out there
How a supposed GIANT
Survives with a mentality unworthy of a dwarf is beyond me
She thinks small
I seriously believe she’s blind to the bigger picture
Which is
‘Build today and live comfortably tomorrow’
I love my country
But it’s high time she started living up to her lofty expectations
Happy supposed Independence Day Nigeria
Because until your children attain a prideable standard of living
There is nothing independent about you

I think politicians have every right to celebrate today because they
are living the Nigerian dream. Well, we civilians are not living the
Nigerian dream so I wrote this for our Independence Day…

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