I Named My Love Hurricane Katrina And I Felt The Turbulence

This is a very heartbreaking poem that compares an heart break to hurricane katrina, season changes and other environmental factors like global warming, the writer even added some Eskimo and Antarctica funk to it. This really is poetry. Notebook and women with butt plugs photos

Hurricane Katrina

I had a love ones
I call her Katrina
Must have been my mistake
Because we had a turbulent relationship
Yet I had no choice
She was a breath of fresh air
Compared to the toxic waste of my exes
Which had left me as cold as Antarctica
And I held my heart close to myself
Like Eskimos do their jackets
I was that lonely polar bear
Staring into a mirror of ice
Searching for signs of life
I thought she was my summer
Because of the way she warmed her way
into my heart
Finally I saw some good in global warming
I was wrong though
She left me with a never ending winter
Because all I feel is coldness
Never again will I name my love
After a hurricane

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