In Anticipation of My Poetry Book ‘But Why All This Grammar’

But Why All This Grammar

But Why All This Grammar

But Why All This Grammar

Hello guys, I’ve been unfaithful to you. Somehow I forgot to inform you guys about my forthcoming poetry/prosebook ‘ But Why All This Grammar ‘. It’s been quite an exhaustive journey but we’ve got to do for passion what we’ve got to do for passion. Below is are excerpts from the pages of the book.
Hope you love them enough to forgive me and get yourself a copy.



Right now your life is a desert
Fine grains of sandy achievements
It looks much
But deep down you know it’s just as loose
Every fickle achievement is met with
The I’m so proud of yous
When in truth it’s just an oasis
in your desert achievements
And you think it to be an ocean
When you sit down to think
You see the pattern
And you admit
Little drizzles of wins
Won’t make an ocean of success
How then do you make an ocean out of an oasis?
You change your mindset
You’ve left your mind bare
Challenge it to think different
Challenge yourself to stand out
Forget the I’m proud of you lies
And uncloud your mind with showers of determination
And it’ll rain


Our Future

Do you believe
That our future is a womanIt is bound to be productive
And attract both jealous and admiring glances

But WhY All This Grammar Available on your favorite online stores…

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