Broken : A Short Story – Short Story Literature



‘Her pain was your glory
Your pain will be her redemption’
Her innocence was food for his ego, watching her struggle beneath him made him feel like a man.
He smiles at her tears, her pain as he forces her legs apart and forcefully penetrates her. Pretending as if he didn’t hear her desperate pleas of “Uncle please don’t!”, “Uncle no I beg you in the name of God! Please don’t do this!”. This always brought a wicked satisfied smile to his face.
And when he was done, He’d tell her;
“Clean yourself up and go make me dinner”
As he swaggered out of her room and when she didn’t do his bidding, he’d smack, slap and throw her around screaming;
“I own you! You’re mine and you must do as I say! You hear me! You must obey me”.
Her innocence now long vanished, she’d just have a distant look on her face as he had his way, and before he asked she’d already be off to the kitchen to prepare his meal. Unsurprised by the recent developments, he’d smile to himself knowing he’d broken her spirit.
But the devil does not always wear Prada, at times the devil is a 16 year old girl who has been raped for the best part of 6 years. Her youth and innocence taking a never to return vacation to the prison yard of pain, regret and betrayal.
He was shocked at how his wife and two daughters had mysteriously died in quick succession without any prior illness. He was even more surprised as his niece came to offer herself to him like a burnt offering.
She said “Uncle fcuk me and ease your pain”.
The lust in his eyes didn’t let him see the knife with a wrapped handle she’d dropped at the base of the bed just where her hand could reach.
As she started riding him, she confessed to slowly poisoning his wife and kids so no one suspected a thing. She said she had told his wife about how he raped her every night but she didn’t do anything about it. I guess she figured if you were feeding your demons on me, then she’d be free from your torturous punches.  I can’t blame her really but she had to die and your children’s death was a sweet revenge of the future you took from me and they carried your DNA, can’t have little pedophiles roaming the streets.
She fed her strength off the anger and horror look on his face. Just as he was about to start saying something, she swiftly moved for the knife and even more swiftly stabbed him in the chest multiple times.
She removed the knife from his chest and brought the edge to her lips, licking just enough blood off it. She closed her eyes and rocked her head backwards, savoring the sweet taste of revenge and then she stabbed him again.
She smiled to herself as he was bleeding helplessly and said;
“O! Yes I remember. I have to go get your dinner”.
Then she walked out of the room swaying seductively as he watched on from the bed helplessly breathing his last breathe.
When she returned, she had cleaned herself up. Then she took his phone and dialed 911, faking a cry as she spoke;
“There’s been a murder at our house! Help!! Please come quick”.
She proceeded to scatter the room as if a scuffle had just occurred in it. Then she sat in front of the door and started faking crocodile tears.
She felt satisfied, this plan had taken her four years to plan and execute. Thankfully now the bastard is no more. Maybe now, she can sleep in peace.

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