A Walk Of Shame – Episode 1

A walk of shame is a short story series by writer and poet Mallami Adekunle about the journey of the marriage of a young couple who after years of marital bliss started experiencing marital difficulties. This is basically a journey of most marriages as we know it, love, fights, cheating, make ups, makeup sex, betrayal and all.

Maternal Footsteps Episode 1

A Walk Of Shame

My name is Mary and I’ve been married to the love of my life for 6 years.
Our story was taken straight out of the scripts of a fairy-tale movie.

Ade was my childhood friend, we later became high school sweethearts and
got separated for a few years during our university days, but as faith
would have it, we found each other again and we’ve been inseparable ever
since. He hadn’t even finished popping the question before I screamed
Yes Yes Yes!!! I do. It was a childhood dream come true.

The first four years of our marriage was fun, they were arguably the best
years of my life. Every minute we were together was golden, I used to
call them the poetical days because the beauty of those days can only
ever be well appreciated in the depths of a poem.

Oh how I missed the poems Ade would write me and send me on whatsapp when
we were getting ready for work. The sexy part of it was that we’d be in
the same room getting ready for work and he’d still send me the message.
Oh how I always looked forward to those poems, I’d basically do
everything in the morning with my phone in hand.

The devil called my husband always knew how to make us at least fifteen minutes late for work. It’s why he was my sexy stud.

But just like it always is about life, everything changes. Everything soon
changed in our fifth year of marriage, and no it isn’t what you’re
thinking. We don’t have kids yet so the responsibility of me of having
to tend to the children did not put pressure on or distance between us. I
would love to blame it on our inability to have kids yet but the truth
was Ade didn’t care even with all the pressure he was getting from his
family. We’d gone for various medicals and the tests proved that we were
both very fertile so he made a promise to her that they’d just keep
trying and if one day she grew tired of the silent house then they’d
just get surrogate parents or even adopt children.

What happened next to this two love birds? How did Mary end up in Ebuka’s
bed? Find out in our next episode of ‘A Walk of Shame’.


A Walk Of Shame - Episode 1

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