Walk Of Shame – Episode 3

A walk of shame is a short story series by writer and poet Mallami Adekunle about the journey of the marriage of a young couple who after years of marital bliss started experiencing marital difficulties. This is basically a journey of most marriages as we know it, love, fights, cheating, make ups, makeup sex, betrayal and all.

A Walk of Shame is a short story series  about work and marital problems up on my blog. Please remember to revisit episodes 1 and 2 in case you haven’t.

Episode 3 of A Walk Of Shame

Workaholic Relax O


The growing distance between Ade and I was almost unreal. But what really brought a distance between us was our work life. We were both at a stage in our careers where getting those promotions seemed to be all that mattered. It meant we rarely had time for each other and even started seeing each other less and less. Ade would come back around midnight and would be out before the crack of dawn and I was no different. I can’t remember the last time I cooked in the kitchen, it was always take outs. Our marital duties seemed to have flown out of the window and replaced with work and greed. The only time we seem to string a meaningful conversation together was when we spoke about progress at work. Even that was usually very short.

Mary got her promotion and she was finally able to slow down enough to notice the rot in their marriage. But her efforts were being frustrated by Ade’s constant engagement in his work and preparation for exams rather than her. She told her friend, Olabisi, who had been married for ten years to advice her on what to do. It was Bisi’s idea to start going to the gym,  go clubbing, let loose and find herself a young or older man but preferably young who’d satisfy all her sexual needs and tension. Bisi said this was the key to the longevity of her marriage. When in truth, she and her husband took a leave of absence and went on vacation together.

At first Mary refused to do such a thing although she did take up Yoga classes at the gym. When her company hired Ebuka, a new exec, she couldn’t take her eyes off him and he didn’t seem to be able to do the same neither. Ebuka was one of those guys you just have to love, tall, dark, handsome with an athletic build and very fun to be around. Somewhat like my husband some four five years ago, maybe that’s what attracted me to him. He was the new toast of the office.

When Ade lost his promotion to a fellow candidate and also got sacked because the company was downsizing. He became even more withdrawn but I couldn’t be caught up in his drama. Things were already heating up between the Ebuka and I. Ade would have to take care of himself, he’s a grown man after all and I’m not his mother. I just couldn’t get myself to give Ade any real chance. Ebuka was all I could think about. I spent most of my evenings figuring out what seductive clothes to wear for the next day at work. At times I’d even write and memorize flirtatious lines. I was at the happiest I’d been in almost two years and if it came in the company of another man, I didn’t care much.

Being a senior Exec, Ebuka make sure we went on business trips together and get rooms directly opposite each other. He was always so sweet, we’d even gist and play till very early in the morning. On one occasion, we missed our clients meeting and had to plead for a reschedule because we woke up late.

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Ade noticed these changes in me and asked me if I was seeing anyone. I started crying and tore into him accusing him of everything in this world, calling him an ingrate and other nasty names. I told him how dare he accuse me of such a thing when all I’ve ever done since childhood was love him. It wasn’t far from the truth, I wasn’t in a romantic relationship with Ebuka, well only because we’ve not had sex yet. Ade apologized and for the first time in years, we actually had sex and not make love. This was partly because I was mentally having sex with Ebuka and not my husband. Ade thought it was because we haven’t had sex in a long time and to be honest his appetite did match mine but the heart wants what it wants.

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After that sex with Ade, I couldn’t deny it anymore, what was supposed to be an harmless source of excitement had developed to be a full blown emotional infidelity. I had to do something before I destroy my marriage for good. I called Ebuka to tell him we needed to stop whatever it was that was going on between us, he didn’t make a fuss and agreed.

How then did Mary still find herself in Ebuka’s bed? Find out in the final episode of a walk of shame.

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