Ella’s Pain – Short Story

This is a short family drama about a young girls ordeal at the hands if her dad after her mom left them both because he couldn't provide for them. There is a twist at the end though.

I am Ella. I am 17. To you, I am just a child but to my family on earth I am a woman.

I used to have a very loving, caring and happy family. Until one day, my mother chose to abandon my father after he lost his job and couldn’t provide like he used to.
At first, mum endured until she ran out of our lives. She left with no trace of her. I was angry at her although I would do anything to have her back because it was obvious that my father misses her too.
After mum’s disappearance, things went from bad to worse because my father completely lost focus. He refused to live for himself or for me.
Dad would go out, get drunk and return to unleash his anger on me. Dad would always say that I was the reason mum left him and also because he couldn’t provide for three people’s need.
He would beat me till he was satisfied. Or refuse to give me anything through out the day.
My body was his punching bag,
My skin his drawing pad.
There was a day I didn’t prepare dinner before he came home.
“Where is my food you good for nothing fool?!” He demanded.
“Ummm! Dad ummmmm!!…”
Before I could say Jack, a slap had landed on my face.
“How many times do I have to tell you that I am not your father?!”
“Don’t you ever call me that!”
I flinched. What does he want me to call him? I asked myself, holding my left cheek where his hand had made its mark.
“Ye ye ye..yes sir” I responded.
“Now where is my FOOD!”
“Ummm sir, I didn’t prepare it because there were no foodstuffs in the house and before I came to remind you, you had already…”
I was interrupted with a kick in my stomach.
I fell to the ground, clutching my stomach.
He left me there on the floor without hitting me again.
Phew! Thank God, he didn’t hit me again.
I was still in pain when he came back to me.
“Hey stand up ! Stand up horrendous child!”
I stood up, and he roughly pulled me into the kitchen.
Nothing in the world could have prepared me for what happened next.
He pulled my hair and put my head in the kitchen sink and poured hot water on my head saying, “next time you won’t forget something this important.”
I screamed in pains as hot water touched and flowed down my face.
It did not only burn my hair or face, it burned my heart.
How can someone whom I love so much, hate me to this extent?
Why did mum go, was it because he was acting like this?
Why didn’t she take me with her?
He took my hands to the gas cooker and lit it.
He placed my hands on the fire.
Please dad!!!
And then I blanked out.
I woke up to someone calling me, Ella dear wake up.
It’s only my mum that call me “Ella dear “
Soaked in sweats, I struggled to open my eyes.
I saw my mum and dad in my room.
I looked at my hands, they weren’t burnt. My hair was still there too.
I realized that I was dreaming.
The next thing mum said to me was….
“Ella, your dad and I are getting a divorce”.

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