Letter To My Forever Boo



Hey forever boo,


I am holding out a placard for your love

It says I think I’m ready now

Let’s stop the peekaboo

And let’s pick a Boo in us

I see glimpses of you in these great women and pretenders

I see your carefree nature in Balqees

Your sun-esque smile and cheeriness in Mabel

I see the family woman you’ll be in Oyinda

Catch hints of your focus and sacrifices towards the woman you’ll become in Mariam

Notice your ambition in Onyinye

I see your drive in Toyin

All great women


But you see

While I am free to admire all these women

And second guess who or what they might be

I am not a polygamist

I cannot marry all in the hope of making them into one

You will be the embodiment of what I call a forever woman

It’s true perfections don’t exist but leave me to decide if I consider them imperfections or not

Something tells me you can’t do no wrong in mine eyes

I’m not looking for a fairytale

Just something true in this increasingly hopelessly false world


If you are out there

I hope you know your forever man hasn’t stopped searching for you

And before you do something stupid like hurriedly sell yourself short to another who only loves your surface

And cares not about nurturing you into a better woman

Remember that the wait is always worth it

What’s a few years of loves pretense to a lifetime of the real deal

You’ll just be having nightmares about me

Imagine sleeping next to your husband and you’re dreaming about me

No, don’t do that


If you don’t come and I’m to settle for a pretender

Our generations will blame you for missing another chance at Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

But who am I deceiving?

We rarely ever get all we want

Settling for the next best thing is our forte

It’s why we’re on earth and not in heaven hey?

Still I wait for you

My forever woman


With love,

Your potential forever man


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