What Happens To A Country That Keeps Pushing Its Luck? – Opinion

Pray for Nigeria.

What happens when you keep pushing your luck? The luck button gets stuck then you run out of luck.

A child crying- Pray for Nigeria

Pray for Nigeria

Say a prayer for my country
For we have pushed our luck
We have dinned with the devil and now he is asking for returns
For so long we have overlooked the things that made us the envy of many a nation
Shall we talk about the collectiveness of distinct tribes?
We were never one but at least we saw the importance of coexisting for the greater good
Or should we talk about the abundance of wealth which came from an envious pool of mineral resources?
Absent was the need to raise funds for reliefs and redevelopments of infrastructures destroyed by natural factors we had no control over
We were devoid of natural disasters
All we had to do was build and grow
We had just that one job
Perhaps our lack of natural disasters was then our undoing?
For instead we the people eagerly followed in the footsteps of our leaders into becoming the natural disasters
Now the concept of Nigeria is lost to us all
Rapidly entering extinction like that word ‘WAZOBIA’
Take greediness then add myopic leaders, stir it with a pot of religion and a sprinkle of gullible citizens
Then you have the perfect ingredient for a looming disaster
That ingredient is my country
And we are being cooked at the moment
My heart bleeds for my country like the countless ground zeros that the government have acknowledged but failed to proffer a permanent solution to prevent a reoccurrence
Are we being sold a farce?
I am as clueless as you
Shall we stand and watch?
I think not
But I know revolution is never the answer
Unless we defy all odds, countries that undergo successful revolution are rarely ever the same afterwards
Micheal Jackson once said
“There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for you and for me”
The youths are the future but even they are suffering from an alarming increase in mental poverty
To make my country a better place, you have to make the youths better
And we the youths have to do better
We need a reorientation from the political abuse dished onto us by our fathers
Only then would we not end up like them
After all, the abused is known to become the abuser

Pray for Nigeria 🙏🏾

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