Body Shaming – Why Being Body Shamed Shouldn’t Affect You

Body shaming: you are beautiful, say it and believe it. Don’t fall victim to body shaming. Body shaming therapy
Body shaming: you are beautiful, say it and believe it. Don’t fall victim to body shaming. Body shaming therapy
No matter your size, you are beautiful.
Say it mean it live it!!

Body Shaming

Hello beautiful
Yes I’m talking to you
fat girl, skinny girl, thick girl, and all shapes and sizes
I won’t tell you real beauty is in you
That is bull and I don’t mind being perceived as cocky

I heard you look at yourself in the mirror with tears your only company and wish you were as slim as Bella
I see you looking at Ngozi with envy as her thick bod is the most sought after around
But I’m sorry to disappoint you mama, Bella isn’t perfect, she eats like a glutton with the hopes that she’d gain the extra pound of flesh
And Ngozi is fake, her body has seen more knives than a chefs kitchen and more dissections than an abattoir
In fact, Bella looks at you and wishes she could add weight so easily
Ngozi looks at Bella and wish she had the genes to not add weight so easily
And here you are being envious of them both

But Akin is right to prefer thick ladies with elephant derrières
You can’t fault Chinedu neither for liking them portable and straight in skirts
Neither can you dislike Ahmed for his love of the extra pounds of flesh
They are right to have preferences and you are wrong to turn their neglects and criticism of you into a complex
You are God’s image goddess
Best believe that

Are you overweight or underweight
Then rid yourself of the beauty complex you’ve been wearing like a cloak
Insecurities are designed to bring out your ugliness
Your worries are why your beauty isn’t shining through
Dress well, slay, keep fit, be comfortable in your own skin and people will notice your beauty
Beauty is never really about looks but how you carry yourself
beauty is the swagger, the finesse, the confidence

You are beautiful mama, never let anyone tell you different
You are someone’s type, someone’s crush
You are body goals to some and body nays to others
It’s just the way it is
Now smile for me please


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