Have You Read My New Book: ‘In A King’s Quarters’ – Book Review

In A King's Quarters

In A King’s Quarters

My new book ‘In A King’s Quarters’ is a poetry book about life written from a place of pain, love and excitement. The concept is simple, we should all learn to see ourselves as kings and face life with that mentality. It is the easiest way to get past challenging and trying situations. A King is also open-minded to ideas and opinions.

When the going gets tough for Kings and Queens, their royalty pride ensures they never give up and look to create a way out of nothing. This is a Kings mentality.

‘In A King’s Quarters’ takes a King’s journey through life under the microscope and sheds more light on his pain, struggles, happiness, resentment, and joy.

A King will always overcome because of the council of his family, Chiefs (trusted ones), and the people. A King owes it to the people and himself to be the best he can be, and so do you. Because we are all royalties; Kings and Queens in our own rights.

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LamLam inkings In A King's Quarters

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1 year ago

Just downloaded it, the first 10pages I just is lit👌God bless the writer😘😘

1 year ago

Mallami to be honest at first you disappointed me. But after reading it I guess I’ll let it slide. Too many Truth in it 🙌🙌🙌🙌