Aríiké: Episode 1 – Short Story Literature

Aríiké- A sexual heartbreaking love story drama about child marriage and early marriage that lead to adultery, desperation and heartbreaks


Do you remember the second time we met? It was the first time we made love. Our first tsunami as we like to call it, because of the sheer amount of fluids involved. I could have sworn you were pregnant and your water kept breaking.

I remember that night vividly, how can I forget? We were supposed to watch a movie at the cinema, it’s funny how Nigerian dates always end up in the cinema isn’t it? You were running late yet again, you were also two hours late for our first date. You joked that your knack for lateness will one day be of historical significance.

But when you finally showed, my God! What a sight you were. It’s easy to know you were there because the men’s heads started moving like a broken compass. I doubt I will ever be as proud as I felt when the men around took envious glances our way. They have a right to be jealous though, we were perfect. A Nubian princess like you and an Afro-Arabian prince like me, it’s not fair?

Do you remember the next morning? When your phone rang and you answered, “yes love. Okay love. I’ll be home soon, we wrapped up the meeting yesterday. I should leave my hotel in about an hour”. Aríiké that morning you broke me but still I couldn’t resist making love to you till noon. It was like my manhood no longer responded to my brain. Damn you Aríiké


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