Aríiké: Episode 3 – Short Story Literature

Aríiké is a short story series set in Nigeria. It focuses on the journey of a married lady, Aríiké and her lover. Episode 3 introduces Bolatito

Aríiké: Radio Silence

It’s been a couple of months since I last heard from Aríiké and it’s hard to figure out why. She just went radio silent on me. Yet again Aríiké left me with more questions than answers.

In the first month, I literally became a stalker. I phished out her Facebook and Instagram profile but they haven’t been updated in years. She did upload on her instastory ever so often though, I think it’s her way of letting people know she was still alive.

I finally moved on and started seeing someone else. Bolatito reminded me of Aríiké a little, I believe it’s why I felt so attracted to her in the first place. But there would be no fairytale beginnings this time, sparks didn’t fly and Cupid didn’t throw a party. We just felt at ease with each other.

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Business took me to Abuja and Bolatito joined me a couple of days later. Strangely, we connected more in Abuja as I began to notice just how fun, homely and beautiful she was. She only wears my T-shirt and shirt in the house and I find it freaking sexy. I think I’m just a man-ho really.

On one Friday, she said she’d be inviting a friend over and I agreed the extra company would be good for her. Someone came knocking on our door that evening and I offered to open it while Bolatito was cooking in the kitchen. I opened the door thinking it was room service but there stood Aríiké in front of me. I was too shocked to utter a word or move so I just kept staring at her. She looked even more beautiful than ever. “My love, who is it?”, Bolatito called out. “Damn you Aríiké, why are you always doing this to me”, I thought to myself.

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