Aríiké: Episode 2 – Short Story Literature

Aríiké is a short story series set in Nigeria. It focuses on the journey of a married lady, Aríiké and her lover.

Aríiké is a short story series set in Nigeria. It focuses on the journey of a married lady, Aríiké and her lover.

Aríiké: Unanswered Questions

Remember how in the beginning, Adam couldn’t resist eating the forbidden fruit with Eve? Well, that is quickly becoming the story of Aríiké and me.

After what transpired on our second date, I decided I would never call Aríiké again, I wasn’t a fan of complications. But the problem was, I really needed to see her, I haven’t been able to think about anything else. She was as smooth as Tuscan leather and as soft as my heart.

As the horny gods of faith would have it, I saw Aríiké twice in the second week of March 2018. The first was a random sighting at GTB’s ATM hub. We exchanged pleasantries and moved on. Because that was what adults do, right?

The second time I saw Aríiké was at a wedding, all smiles and glow, effortless in every movement like a cat. Damn you Aríiké. No wonder the dude between my leg was so happy to see you. We chatted casually but all I wanted to do was rip off her dress and make insane love to her till we needed rehabilitation really.

I asked Aríiké for a dance when Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ song started playing. I believe the song was meant for the bride and groom but we made it ours. She smelled so good and her body fitted perfectly in mine, we should be the bride and groom instead. She excused herself when the set was over. She came back grinning, saying she went to fake sickness to her family and she’s going to take an Uber home. I teased her about me now being an Uber driver. We both laughed like drunkards although I believe lust was the drink tonight.

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The truth was, we didn’t make it past the underground parking lot before we were all over each other. Thank God for tinted glass and a good car stereo but who cares really. After a while she told me she had to call an Uber, I objected and asked to drop her home but she refused. Yet again Aríiké left me gasping for air. She was running this show.

The next time I’d see Aríiké was at a shopping mall, she had two lovely girls with her and there was a man beside her. Much older. I thought to myself; Aríiké I have to stop finding out things about you this way. Now I have more questions.

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