One Night Stand – Short Story Literature

A sexy lady in a short skirt

A sexy lady in a short skirt

One Night Stand – LamLam inkings

The moment he came in she knew. She knew he was the one but she was afraid their love affair wouldn’t last long. They never did. She had a type and they were not the type to stick around. But she didn’t mind. She only lived for the adrenaline, the rush.

She thanked her stars she’d dressed impressively tonight. Wearing a classic velvet gown, she knew she was a catch. Her confidence was almost vain.

She decided she wouldn’t wait this time. She’d shoot her shot instead. This dark handsome hunk was going home with her tonight. She felt herself get wet just at the thought of that.

She approached him with a smile and everything went as planned.

Once at her apartment, she started kissing him and led him into her bedroom. She pushed him on the bed and started dry humping him.

The stranger whispered in lust, “oh you’re a freak aren’t you?” She simply smiled and proceeded to undress him. She gasped upon seeing that his member was as huge as he was. A wicked grin planted on her face. This should be fun she thought.

She stroked him a few times and rode him to ecstasy.

David closed his eyes in ecstasy and she knew that was her moment. In two clean swoop, she raised a pillow, brought out a knife and slashed his throat.

She got off him and called her sister. “Hello Rebecca, Dave is dead. I have one more rapist to kill. They will all pay for the things they did to you.”

She hung up.

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