Tuoyo’s Birthday Party

Tuoyo’s birthday Party is about A sexy Lagos big boy that lives a fake like throws a birthday party

Tuoyo’s birthday Party is about A sexy Lagos big boy that lives a fake like throws a birthday party

Tuoyo’s Birthday Party

My friend celebrates his birthday elaborately every year. This year was going to be no different. Tuoyo was a very extravagant guy. Although he had a little bit of the popular Lagos fakeness. An Ibadan guy like me know my limit and when not to impress.

Anyways, it seems Tuoyo has been experiencing some cash problems. We, his friends suspected but nobody was as fluid as Tuoyo. He still kept up appearances.

Tuoyo’s birthday was fast approaching and he still hadn’t made plans. I called him to ask if there would be one and he said he’d been meaning to call me. He said some fraudsters tried hacking his account so the bank froze his account for security reasons. Knowing Tuoyo had multiple bank accounts, I asked about the others, he said it was his BVN that got blocked.

Ike called a few days later to inform me that Tuoyo’s birthday was holding as planned. He said Tuoyo was able to raise cash from loan payment apps like PayLater and QuickCheck. He even used Access Bank’s payday loan. We his friends were to help with logistics for the ladies and booze.

Tuoyo’s birthday was living up to expectation once again. Different Lagos big boys and girls were here with their expensive cars. Just the perfect place for me to network. Yes I go to Tuoyo’s birthday parties to network.

At the peak of the party, his landlord barged in shouting “Where is that useless boy? Come and pay me your rent o. You no get money but you dey throw party disturb the whole neighborhood bah?” The landlord also said Tuoyo lost his big boy status after Madam G stopped bankrolling him and seized her car.

Apparently Madam G had caught him sleeping with her friend who unfortunately was also being bankrolled by Mama G.

I am very interested in this Mama G, I might have a few business ideas for her.

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