Why The Less Brilliant People Are More Successful

hardworking, rich, successful and brilliant people
hardworking, rich, successful and brilliant  people

I am about to take your mind on a rollercoaster of doubts. Even I find it odd that I will be arguing against brilliant people being less successful. Continue reading, let’s see if I can convince you.

Note: This is just my opinion and doesn’t depict any research proven facts.


“I shouldn’t be this broke because of the things I know.”

This was the statement that sparked a brutally honest conversation with a friend. We had been talking about life and how we should be doing better than we currently are. My transition from a pharmacology graduate into entrepreneurship hasn’t been as smooth as I thought it’d be. My friend and I finally came to the conclusion that:

• Some people are like Wikipedia and seem to have a piece of knowledge about everything. This set of people rarely get things done.

• Some people don’t really know much so they put in the extra yard. These people get things done.

My friend added that the really talented ones are most times either broke or most times lower-tier employees while the less brilliant/talented ones keep flying high. This is because talent they say is never enough.

He added that talent births pride and pride births laziness or contentment because when others are putting in the extra yard you relax because you believe it’ll come easy to you. Spending less time on a task makes you feel proud and superior but because it comes easy doesn’t make you a master at it.

A less brilliant individual is more insecure about his abilities so he keeps working on them. It is very difficult for a less talented individual to be content with their ability. That insecurity is sometimes a blessing.

In fact, I believe his assessment and it makes much sense. Malcolm Gladwell in his best selling book, “Outliers” frequently spoke about the 10,000-Hour Rule, that is, only by reaching 10,000 hours of practice can one truly achieve expertise in a field. This rule is based on a research by Anders Ericsson.

Of course, this is subject to the quality of practice, genetics, environment and a few other factors. But you get my point.

So imagine that a less talented individual put in more time practising, with time he’ll eventually move towards mastering that skill. While it is possible that the more talented individual will never attain that level of mastery just because he was too talented to put in the extra work.

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My friend joked that this is why some Nigerian students struggle academically in Nigeria and magically become brilliant when they move abroad. He explained that spending so many hours reading to get manageable grades and later becoming exposed to a better quality of education abroad gives them an advantage.

How does talent affect how rich you are or how successful you will be? Well, the answer is all around us. The answer is on the Forbes list, it’s in the net worth, it’s in the top managerial positions, it’s in the employees and more. Might I add that the answer is also in your bank account? Lol.

Christiano Ronaldo recently suggested in an interview that everyone wants to be like him but not many people can make the sacrifices he makes. To football fans, C. Ronaldo is an epitome of hard work. He is, in fact, a stark contrast to the Brazilian legend Ronaldo De Lima. Although he had a very successful career, the feeling among football supporters is that he would have been more successful given his outrageous talent.

Sadio Mane, a Liverpool FC footballer, also said he has never been to a club or party. Neither has he ever played Play Station 4 or any other game. All he does is practice, practice and more practice.

According to an article on goal he said, “I have never been to a party myself. It never went through my head. If I do not give everything I have to be a good player, I’ll never make it.”

This isn’t sincerely always the case as there are times when individuals can both be brilliant, hardworking and successful or less talented, not hardworking won’t successful. But the truth that stares us in the eyes in our society is that the brilliant ones are more relaxed about what life has planned for them. The less brilliant ones worry and as a result groom themselves to become go-getters.

So when I said I‘m too talented to be as broke as I am, I was right but it was inevitable. However, the remedy to my plight is in my attitude.

I Challenge You To Be Less Brilliant And Work Harder.

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