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civilization vs tradition

What Is The Relationship Between Civilization and Tradition?

Long gone is the age of crude tools, beasts of burdens and archaic communication tools. Civilization brought with it technology and developments. Technology would later become the backbone of civilization. Giving birth to everything that makes our world tick today.

But is all well and good with our world however? What are the consequences of abandoning the tradition ship and jumping on the civilization wagon? Could the ordeals of the rich and the poor be integrated with civilization and tradition? Or could tradition represent the genesis of the world and civilization represent the end?

I tried painting a unique picture in form of a prose. I hope you enjoy it.

Civilization and Tradition

Evolution of Civilization and Tradition

The rich thinks he cannot die so he takes life by the scruff of the neck, determined to milk as much riches as he can from the earth he was made from even if it leaves Mother Earth frail and unhealthy,
He forgets Mother Earth would be his final resting place. Oh! How karma awaits him.

He believes he is the king of the world though he isn’t even the king in his own home. His children no longer regard him, they now spend their time with machines created by men driven by the greed they call knowledge.

The rich believe he has the greener pastures, forgetting the beauty of the virgin green vegetation of the jungle, touched only by the different breath of Mother Earth herself which they call the season.

The rich sees the world as his own. Taking and destroying as he pleases. The rich’s greatest enemy is himself and his knowledge. Where-ever the rich sets foot on, he leaves destruction in his wake. He takes artifacts and believes from the poor then turns it into fairytales and myths.

The poor sees the rich and dreams in envious nightmares but he knows death cannot come sooner. He would never begin to understand the greediness of the rich for tearing into what was once his magnificent home. The poor thought he had created a niche for himself here.

He was the king around here, reigning supreme over any territory he chooses. Now he is the king of nothing, relegated from the protector of the earth to the protector of what little is left.

He is no longer the king in his own home, all his children dream to be like the rich and one by one they leave for greener pastures except the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Oh! How he misses the good old days when man, animals and his environment would coexist as one. The days when the only music he heard at midnight were the chirping of the crickets, the croaking of the frogs, owl screeches, snakes hissing and the trees gossiping with the wind. These were the music of his jungle. Now he sleeps with no sound as if these animals have gone on a never ending pilgrimage.

The rich thinks he cannot die, the poor thinks death cannot come sooner. This is the story of the struggle between civilization and tradition. Just like the struggle between the rich and the poor.

We love civilization anyways and without technology you won’t be reading this.

This prose is available in my book ‘But Why All This Grammar’. It’s available on Amazon and Okadabooks.

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Letter To My Forever Boo – Poetry


Hey forever boo,


I am holding out a placard for your love

It says I think I’m ready now

Let’s stop the peekaboo

And let’s pick a Boo in us

I see glimpses of you in these great women and pretenders

I see your carefree nature in Balqees

Your sun-esque smile and cheeriness in Mabel

I see the family woman you’ll be in Oyinda

Catch hints of your focus and sacrifices towards the woman you’ll become in Mariam

Notice your ambition in Onyinye

I see your drive in Toyin

All great women


But you see

While I am free to admire all these women

And second guess who or what they might be

I am not a polygamist

I cannot marry all in the hope of making them into one

You will be the embodiment of what I call a forever woman

It’s true perfections don’t exist but leave me to decide if I consider them imperfections or not

Something tells me you can’t do no wrong in mine eyes

I’m not looking for a fairytale

Just something true in this increasingly hopelessly false world


If you are out there

I hope you know your forever man hasn’t stopped searching for you

And before you do something stupid like hurriedly sell yourself short to another who only loves your surface

And cares not about nurturing you into a better woman

Remember that the wait is always worth it

What’s a few years of loves pretense to a lifetime of the real deal

You’ll just be having nightmares about me

Imagine sleeping next to your husband and you’re dreaming about me

No, don’t do that


If you don’t come and I’m to settle for a pretender

Our generations will blame you for missing another chance at Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

But who am I deceiving?

We rarely ever get all we want

Settling for the next best thing is our forte

It’s why we’re on earth and not in heaven hey?

Still I wait for you

My forever woman


With love,

Your potential forever man


Most people don’t value the power of talk, everyone believes that talk is cheap but my believe is that talk isn’t always cheap

Big Misconception: Talk isn’t always cheap – Opinion

Talk isn’t always cheap


Talk is cheap

And silence is golden

Cool story
Biggest misconception
I see you were silent
When your brothers and sisters were being radicalized
When their tired and lonesome minds
Were being preyed upon
By the people who can talk
And value the power of talk
Talk is cheap
yet even the smallest of gossips or rumors
Can make or break your career
Yet you quote the words of the greats
Yet you run after motivational speeches and videos
If they had been silently golden
Tell me whose words
You’d have turned to today
Or why do you think your parents correct you so much
They understand the power of talk
and understand the principle
Talk enough and back it up with actions
And the problem will gradually correct itself
Talk isn’t always cheap
Speak life
Have you seen Tyler Perry's Acrimony movie and the acting Master class delivered by Taraji P. Henson and Lyriq Bent? The movie left so many questions about love unanswered and this write up written in form of prose/poem is about the lessons I did not learn from Tyler Perry's acrimony movie

Lessons I Did Not Learn From Tyler Perry’s Acrimony Movie – Review

Have you seen Tyler Perry's Acrimony movie and the acting Master class delivered by Taraji P. Henson and Lyriq Bent? The movie left so many questions about love unanswered and this write up written in form of prose/poem is about the lessons I did not learn from Tyler Perry's acrimony movie

Have you seen Tyler Perry’s Acrimony movie? Surely you must have enjoyed the acting masterclass delivered by Taraji P. Henson and Lyriq Bent?

There are so many blogs already with very interesting perspectives into the argument of who is right and who is wrong in this crazed love story of Robert and Melinda. Truth is, Robert and Melinda both had faults thanks to the movie plot but is their situation that different from our everyday love stories? Anyways, I won’t be boring you with this arguments, instead I am content with going the unpopular route of and question what love really means. The issue of love is bigger than Robert and Melinda but thanks to Tyler Perry, the acrimony movie as well as the lessons and morals it aimed to pass, I can finally ask my questions about love.

The movie dug up and left so many questions about love unanswered. What is love? When is being in love taken too far? How much of a sacrifice is too much in love? Is love jealous? Does the Acrimony ending mean there are rarely happily ever after in love? There are a plethora of questions. Yet none of them were answered.

DISCLAIMER: Even I do not have the answer, I am hoping at the end of this, you can also enlighten me on what love should really mean.

This write-up is written in form of prose/poem. It is about the lessons I did not learn from Tyler Perry’s acrimony movie or its morals. However, this shouldn’t be considered an Acrimony review but a review of what exactly does love mean.

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I summarized Tyler Perry’s ‘Acrimony’ movie into a prose/poem. This is my unique take on the movie.


Once again I ask myself

“What is Love?”

Is it selfless

Or is it selfish

Is it unconditional

Or is it a conditional b*tch

Once again I come up short

Lost between the reverie of excitement

And pangs of doubt

If love is selfless

Do I give up my dream to make room for yours

Hence we lose ourselves to work?

If love is selfish

Do I say fc*k your feelings

And chase my dreams earnestly

Even it becomes the elephant in the room

Yet again I ask myself

“What is Love”

Is it devotion?

Is it loyalty?

Is it perseverance?

Is it a fairytale?


Once again I just can’t figure out an answer

Love is a word that has made fools out of wise men

Love is a word that has started and ended wars

Love is a word that has made men out of boys

Love is a word that has made women feel like girls

Love is a word that has turned grasses to graces

Love is a word that has turned riches to nothingness

Love is a word that writers and creatives, both past and present

Have tried to make sense of by penning us different versions of their own events

So I ask myself again

What is Love?

Do we even need it?

Yet again I found no answer

I still don’t have the answers

But the fact is that

Love is a hustle

Wanted by all yet understood by a few

We all love in our own way

I can’t fault yours cause I think Mine is better

But you owe it to me

To make your love for me be the best version of itself





I am aware even I didn’t answer the questions. Truth is love is too complicated a topic to be answered in a single article.

You can share your view of what you believe love is or should be like.

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A walk of shame is a short story series by writer and poet Mallami Adekunle about the journey of the marriage of a young couple who after years of marital bliss started experiencing marital difficulties. This is basically a journey of most marriages as we know it, love, fights, cheating, make ups, makeup sex, betrayal and all.

Episode 1: A Walk Of Shame – Short Story Literature

Maternal Footsteps Episode 1

A Walk Of Shame

My name is Mary and I’ve been married to the love of my life for 6 years.
Our story was taken straight out of the scripts of a fairy-tale movie.

Ade was my childhood friend, we later became high school sweethearts and
got separated for a few years during our university days, but as faith
would have it, we found each other again and we’ve been inseparable ever
since. He hadn’t even finished popping the question before I screamed
Yes Yes Yes!!! I do. It was a childhood dream come true.

The first four years of our marriage was fun, they were arguably the best
years of my life. Every minute we were together was golden, I used to
call them the poetical days because the beauty of those days can only
ever be well appreciated in the depths of a poem.

Oh how I missed the poems Ade would write me and send me on whatsapp when
we were getting ready for work. The sexy part of it was that we’d be in
the same room getting ready for work and he’d still send me the message.
Oh how I always looked forward to those poems, I’d basically do
everything in the morning with my phone in hand.

The devil called my husband always knew how to make us at least fifteen minutes late for work. It’s why he was my sexy stud.

But just like it always is about life, everything changes. Everything soon
changed in our fifth year of marriage, and no it isn’t what you’re
thinking. We don’t have kids yet so the responsibility of me of having
to tend to the children did not put pressure on or distance between us. I
would love to blame it on our inability to have kids yet but the truth
was Ade didn’t care even with all the pressure he was getting from his
family. We’d gone for various medicals and the tests proved that we were
both very fertile so he made a promise to her that they’d just keep
trying and if one day she grew tired of the silent house then they’d
just get surrogate parents or even adopt children.

What happened next to this two love birds? How did Mary end up in Ebuka’s
bed? Find out in our next episode of ‘A Walk of Shame’.


A Walk Of Shame - Episode 1

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Relationships : this is a relationship talk; making changes is a norm in relationships, but do couples sometimes demand or expect too much, is it then better to make adjustments than wholesome changes

Relationships – Is Making Changes Harmful


To Change or To Adjust?


In the world of courtship, relationship and marriage, we tend to make a lot of sacrifices. At times to our own benefit other times to make a partner happy be it at our own detriment or not.
We act as if habits are clothes that can be changed at any time.
We implore partners to change and then scream foul when we don’t recognize them anymore.
My believe is that why ask for CHANGE when you can ask for ADJUSTMENT. That way everyone is happy, no one is making any wholesome changes just little adjustments to fit your demands better.
Very often, we hear couples fight over things they’d promised to change about, like you promised you’d quit smoking, you promised you’d quit clubbing, you really need to stop seeing that girl or guy and stuffs like that. So many demands in a relationship.
Most times this demands can be overwhelming, because change doesn’t just happen at once without several relapses but we expect it to. We act as if it’s a change of clothes.
In reality if you plead with me to quit smoking, I can make adjustments and promise you I’d reduce the intake gradually. That is the beauty of change, it’s a gradual process.
Addictions and habits are not things you can just opt out of any time you want. It takes time, it’s a process or else you’d lose yourself in the process. Weening is done gradually, it’s a process.
When you have a clothe you love, you don’t change it just because it doesn’t fit you. It takes reason to know you’re better off gradually slim fitting it to your size and demand. Do you tell a talkative partner to learn to keep quiet more often or do you tell them to learn when to be quiet and when to talk?
So my dear, when next I complain about things that you do, I am not asking you to change. I am asking you to adjust but even adjustments have it’s limit.


Don’t lose your partner to change.

Do you believe partners demand too much in relationships? We’d love to read your opinions.