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Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters : Here’s My Open Letter To You – Opinion

Falz - This is Nigeria

Artwork by @Axsper on Instagram

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters : Here’s My Open Letter To You

Hi, my name is Habeeb and I am a Muslim. But lately my brothers and sisters have been making me feel like a Musloom (the oppressed) alongside every non-Muslims.

No doubt, Islam is a very peaceful and beautiful religion but it is our jobs as Muslims to propagate this beauty. We have to show the world what they are missing out on. Yet at every turn possible, we have taken the opportunity to show our ugly side. Now, a beautiful religion is being perceived as ugly. Even I a muslim for so long started seeing only this ugliness. I slowly lost my religion as a consequence.

Falz - This is Nigeria

Artwork by @harrydunkwu on Instagram

The bulk of my friends are Christians. I don’t like drama and it seems that’s what most of my muslim friends brought to the table, so I ran from them. I’m a free spirit and I refuse to believe in the thou shall not dance, thou shall not merry, blah blah blah. I prefer to be flexible in thought. This even pushed me to start reading the Bible alongside the English version of the Holy Quran.

Thank God, I’ve started finding my religion back through the help of a very open minded and highly devoted muslim friend. Islam has never looked so beautiful to me.

I refuse to believe we are the only victims in this world, so please let’s stop playing the victim. We somehow find a way to make everything about us. How you come out to criticize a video with such a strong message never seen done by a Nigerian since the times of the late Fela, Ironically he was represented in court by Falz’s dad, Femi Falana SAN is beyond my wildest imagination and believe. The brutal truths about the ills of our society p[ortrayed in the music video should be commende and not criticized. Especially when the only representation and talk about Islam was the Chibok girls. Even Christianity has a whole took more bashing in the song.

Falz - This is Nigeria videoDear Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Do you even know the meaning of this shaku shaku dance choreographed by the Chibok girls in Falz’s thought provoking video? Well I coined my own meaning and interpretation of the dance step. To me “Shaku Shaku” means shackles. The breaking out of shackles dance. It’sw what I choose to interprete it as. Even if you analyze the dance well, you’d surely notice that one of the dance moves required you to break free. It’s like breaking free from a chain or bondage. Kind of like the Wakanda greeting in the Black Panther movie. How is that not artistically representing the Chibok girls ordeal? They are in captivity after all.

The truth of the matter is you’d still find fault in the video. Even if he’d shown them praying or in shackles just cause he is not a Muslim so he has no right to. The world is evolving, and in this era of globalization and cultural diversification, more tolerance from all religious sectors is needed now more than ever.

While I’m not telling us as Muslims to allow our religion or our humble Prophet (SAW) be dirtied. It is however important that we also share a bit of an open mind with the changing times. A little bit of flexibility and seeing the beauty of creativity can’t hurt. Even Saudi Arabia, the most muslim country in the world has started adopting this open mindset. They just gave their first female drivers license. This is amongst other open minded decisions they’ve made of late.

Remember I said I lost my religion? My sentiment was this; If you MURIC, other Islamic groups and leaders say you are fighting for the Muslim Concern, then how many times have you staged a protest for this Chibok girls in question?? There are issues of insurgency everywhere. How many times have you held lectures and seminars to sensitize people about extremism and terrorism?

The truth is you have alarmingly been sleeping through it all. It is shocking because these are the biggest problems facing Islam in the 21st century and you have failed to address them. I stopped going to Islamic lectures because they talk about money, sins and everything else apart from radicalism and extremism. These are issues that needs sensitizing and more attention. We can’t pretend like they aren’t a problem. Yet you have come out at every turn to criticize decisions or events that ordinarily shouldn’t mean anything.

I believe all you religious groups and leaders need to do more for the religion, CAN and every Christian group included. For example, We still haven’t heard CAN’s real position on controversial issues like paying tithes and the likes.

We are Muslims and Islam is beautiful but if we keep showing our ugly sides, yes others will fear us but we ruin the meaning of beauty for them. That isn’t the kind of Muslim we want to portray.

I stand with Falz on this one. Childish Gambino had done an exceptional job with his highly creative ‘This is America’ video. It was always going to be hard to top that. Falz should be celebrated for getting his concept and arguments right.

As the Great Rodney King once said; “Can we all just get along?”.

Watch the ‘This is Nigeria’ Video in question.