Most people don’t value the power of talk, everyone believes that talk is cheap but my believe is that talk isn’t always cheap

Big Misconception: Talk isn’t always cheap – Opinion

Talk isn’t always cheap


Talk is cheap

And silence is golden

Cool story
Biggest misconception
I see you were silent
When your brothers and sisters were being radicalized
When their tired and lonesome minds
Were being preyed upon
By the people who can talk
And value the power of talk
Talk is cheap
yet even the smallest of gossips or rumors
Can make or break your career
Yet you quote the words of the greats
Yet you run after motivational speeches and videos
If they had been silently golden
Tell me whose words
You’d have turned to today
Or why do you think your parents correct you so much
They understand the power of talk
and understand the principle
Talk enough and back it up with actions
And the problem will gradually correct itself
Talk isn’t always cheap
Speak life

Going Through Something, Why not talk to God?

talk to God

Why not talk to God?

Yesterday I was staring straight into the abyss of my life. For the first time I saw all the uncertainties and the bad thing was different versions just came rushing to me. It was a very overwhelming feeling, one I had never felt before.
I’m not the type to think things too much but it felt like I had to just think about my life yesterday because it felt like the habit of not really thinking was obviously not working for me since nothing had been going my way and I’m used to having things go my way. 
I was just sitting there overwhelmed by my thoughts legit weighing my options whether to use my last card to go and buy alcohol and cigarettes to help stem the thoughts but finally I decided I’d rather watch an English Premier League match that I ended up not watching with that money so I slept instead.
The longest sleep of my life, what I was trying to avoid in real life ran after me in my dream. Finally I woke up and thought to myself, “are you legitimately now stupid? You’ve weighed different options but you never thought to report your case to God”, so I just gingerly knelt beside my bed and told God to fix it. I went back to sleep and had the most peaceful sleep I’ve had all year and woke up to absolutely no worries because I know this isn’t my real life, my real life will come when God breathes life into it so for now whatever life throws at me I will chest it and skillfully do a Neymar.
Moral lesson? Report your case to God not weed, alcohol, cigarettes or whatever other addictions you’ve developed as a result of running from your problems.