Who am I

Who is LamLam? LamLam inkings

Founder – Mallami Adekunle

Hi, welcome to my blog. This is my voice to the world, I hope once you start reading, you will hear my voice loud and clear.

My name is Mallami Adekunle and I am the founder of LamLam inkings. I am a content creator, freelance writer, editor, publisher and a serial entrepreneur. You can check out my portfolio here.

I am a graduate of the university of Lagos where I studied pharmacology. Don’t ask why a pharmacologist started writing, these things happen lol. I started LamLam inkings in June 2017 to start sharing my unique views about life and my environment either through poetry or articles with a wider audience.

I started working on LamLam inkings blog as a therapy for whatever I’m feeling at the moment. It soon became a means to promote poetry, short stories and articles.

I write about everything from relationships to general issues about life as you can see in articles likeĀ Law of Karma, the biggest lie of our generation, in my short stories like they called her shameless, and in poems like Mama Africa.

If you enjoy reading my blog posts, you can also support by purchasing my book ‘But Why All This Grammar’.

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