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Write For Us

Hello, this is about you! Yes you!! Can you write? Do you have the skills? Can you entice our readers with well structured words? Then we need you, we want to read what you have to write, our audience want to as well. We’d love you to write for us.

We have to be very honest, only high quality write ups would be accepted, we hope you understand.

What We Want

We are open to poetry, prose, short stories, series, relationship, lifestyle submissions. For the poems please ensure it is more than 100 words but on rare occasions, we might accept something less if it is of extremely high quality. Please ensure write ups haven’t been previously published on any blog.

How To Submit

Along with your write up attachment, please include;

  • Your name
  • Photo
  • One or two sentence bio
  • Blog URL

We do our best to respond to all inquiries, but due to the number of submissions we get, we might not be able to respond to all. Once your write up is accepted, we’ll contact you through your email. However, if you’ve not heard back from us after a month, please feel free to try again but with a different write up.


  • Please do stay active in the comments once your write up is accepted
  • Please promote the post everyway you can, we’d do the same
  • This is an up and coming blog so we don’t pay you for your guest post but we can both benefit from this.


 Submit your write ups to lamlaminkings@gmail.com